Hair Transplant For Women

Hair Transplant For Women is also one of the best solutions for women suffering from hair loss to improve density and get back hair from the areas where the grafts have perished and the scalp is visible.

Hair Transplants for women are quite similar to hair transplants for men. It is a procedure where the hair is extracted from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area on the scalp.

Grafts are harvested minimally to protect the grafts and the donor area. In a woman’s case, no shaving of the scalp is required before the procedure. The grafts are well-preserved and utilized efficiently.

Hair Transplant For Female
Hair Transplant For Female

The main aim is to provide natural, pleasing, and good-looking results that the customer is happy with. Thus, the grafts are implanted into the recipient area in a way that matches the angle and direction of the existing hair.

Bio-Integrated FUE

Females experiencing hair loss need to experience trichologists and check their TSH levels thoroughly. A hair restoration procedure can be used to improve areas of thinning or balding, using the latest Bio-Integrated FUE non-surgical technique we can replenish hairlines, hair partitions, or focal areas where the thinning is most established. The procedure is associated with no downtime and with our minimal-shave technique we provide you with additional discretion.

Hair Transplant procedure

Surgeons perform hair transplants using a local anaesthetic, which means that after the initial numbing injections a patient should not feel any more pain. The FUE hair transplant procedure is often chosen for women with small- medium requirements who don’t mind having a minimal shave at the back of the head concealed with longer hair. As topical applications and oral medications do not work once the hair follicle leaves the body the only solution left always are FUE hair transplants. Often, women also construct their hair lines where a substantial amount of hair loss happens due to tractional alopecia. The forehead starts looking broader and the face also starts looking longer and older, hence the best solution is to get a hair-line correction done. As there is no downtime one can also get their transplants done on the weekend and resume back to work from Monday in cases of working women. We are experts in women’s hair-line corrections and redesign them according to facial aesthetics.

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