Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a common feature these days in most men. We experience hair thinning at an early age and mostly in our 20s with receding hairlines on the temple points. Now as per a demographic study it’s been noticed that almost 45% + of men suffer from male pattern baldness from their 20s and 30s and slowly and gradually go bald in their mid-30s.

Male Pattern Baldness
Male Pattern Baldness

There are many reasons for hair loss but 95% of the cause of hair loss in men are genetic, while others are due to medical conditions. Baldness in men typically occurs when they grow older. It is because of the changes in hormonal balance, nutritional deficiencies can also lead to male pattern hair loss. When hair does not get proper nutrition, it starts showing. It can happen at any age. Too much stress or psychological reasons can result in androgenetic alopecia. When you go through stress, it disturbs the hormonal balance, which affects normal hair growth. Another reason for baldness in males is fungal infections on the scalp. The infection can hinder normal hair growth and result in hair thinning. Genetics is responsible for many people losing hair in their 20s. If someone in the family has had hair loss, the chances of the person losing hair become higher.

The factor leading to hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone which is generated in men and women both which blocks the hair follicle unit grafts from receiving blood circulation and thus the hair follicle unit grafts start shrinking and eventually perish.

Most of us think hair loss in males is a problem that happens naturally, and there is no treatment for it. However, in some people’s cases, alopecia can also trigger other problems. Losing hair at an early stage of life can create psychological problems. Young men with less hair lose confidence and have low self-esteem. Sometimes it can lead to anxiety and depression. Fortunately, there are a few androgenic alopecia treatments available for this problem. Topical application solutions like Minoxidil and Rogaine are effective to treat androgenic hair loss. Redensyl & Procapil is the newest breakthrough ingredient for hair regrowth. Some oral medication, like Finasteride, slows down hair loss in men. It seizes the production of hormones that cause hair loss.

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A hair transplant is a very effective procedure to regain lost hair and is considered the best solution for Androgenetic alopecia cases. Generally, it takes 9-12 months to see complete growth of the transplanted hairs.

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