Hair Transplant Cost-Need To Know

Firstly hair transplant is a kind of non-surgical treatment where the cost is not equal to every client 

It differs from client to client based on factors such as

Level Of Baldness

The person’s level of baldness is major clarity which defines the cost let’s say somebody is just bald in the frontal area or somebody has baldness frontal as well as crown area

Somebody is completely bald on top of the head so obviously, the level of baldness increase the number of grafts requirements also increases

So accordingly cost also increases


Graft Requirements

Graft requirements or hair follicle requirement is based on the level of baldness it varies from 1500 grafts and goes up to 6000 grafts as the level of baldness kept on increasing.

So normally clinic charges on a per graft basis or per session basis so if it is per graft basis automatically charges would be higher as per graft requirements.

Per Session Basis

And if it is per session basis based on the number of grafts they can do in a session for example if they can do around 2000 grafts in a session and somebody requires 2000 grafts they would charge for 1 session and similarly somebody required 4000 grafts where the number of session requirements is 2

The cost would be exactly double for that specific client.

Based On Technique

Again coming to the technique also you already know 2 techniques for hair transplant FUE and FUT

As the technology changes the cost changes

A lot of clinics tends to do robot hair transplant lot of doing slit method so based on technique also the cost would vary

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The clinic locations- for example, hair transplant is cheaper in India and turkey and it is very expensive in countries like the united state and Europe and gulf countries so it is based on the location and based upon qualification of doctors who perform Hair Transplant procedures.

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Qualification and Experience of Doctor

If the experience of doctors is very good the cost would be a little higher result would be equally good so we suggest Hair Transplant is a one-time procedure you can not do a hair Transplant Multiple times if your first time transplant went wrong.

So when you derive the cost for the Treatment the most important factor which you should consider is the experience of the doctor who is performing the transplant or the reviews given by the clients of that specific clinic would be the factor you should consider more than the cost.

So again summerise the cost of hair transplant differ on multiple factors

  1. Level of Baldness
  2. Graft Requirements- as graft requirement increases cost increases 
  3. Technique in which hair transplant is performed
  4. Doctor’s qualification and experience 

These are the factors where the cost would differ

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