What Age is Most Suitable for Hair Transplant? : Looks Studio Guide-2023

Hair loss is a very common condition that occurs in both men and women. According to various reports, nearly two-thirds of men experience hair loss before the age of 35. Almost 85% of men experience thinning hair and hair loss by the time they turn 50. In worst-case scenarios, hair loss can also affect men in their early 20s. Although balding can affect people of any age group, losing hair in your 20s can be a bit concerning.

According to Transplant experts, young men in their early 20s may not be the best candidates for restoration surgery. This is because the hair loss cause or pattern may not be fully determined yet. Before recommending the best suitable hair restoration method for you, the surgeon considers several things such as type of hair loss, hair loss pattern, quality of the donor’s hair, and size of the balding area.

Hair transplantation surgery is suitable for all ages without physical and psychological disabilities. The most ideal age range is between 23 and 60 years of age. Hair transplants performed between these ages will give much more successful results. If necessary, with the approval of a specialist doctor, hair transplantation surgery can also be performed for people outside this age range.

Differences in hair transplant techniques do not change the age limit of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be done to anyone if the hair transplant area is suitable and the hair in the donor area where the hair to be transplanted is healthy.


The hair transplantation method is a very known and preferred method thanks to its successful results. Many people want the FUE method to have a natural hair look. For the FUE hair transplant method, there is a no different age limit. A suitable age is determined for everyone who is considered suitable by specialist doctors, and hair transplantation can be performed using the FUE method.

Are Hair Transplants reliable?

A properly performed Hair Transplant Procedure can be as reliable and long-lasting as any other medical treatment procedure performed.

Always Remember,

Surgeon skills + clinical infrastructure + technology used + clients’ efforts after hair transplant procedure = 100% success of hair transplant.

The success rate of hair transplants is not the amount, but the satisfaction achieved by the client post hair transplant. The success rate depends on many parameters, such as:

  • Clinical infrastructure plays a significant role in ensuring the right surgery.
  • The technology used by the clinic during Hair transplant procedures.
  • The Surgeon will be doing the procedure.
  • Client’s contribution and support for treatment after hair transplantation.

If the right volume of follicular units is transplanted to provide adequate coverage, BIO-INTEGRATED FUE hair transplants are 100% successful and reliable. As Hair transplant is the only natural and long term solution for your hair fall and baldness problem. It is important to note that this expected level of success is based on the assumption that hair transplant doctors who perform procedures are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified in carrying out FUE procedures and other hair transplant options. Clients need to understand that the expectations are to be kept realistic as it is not possible to bring back what is permanently lost. A proper consultation with the doctor regarding the expected results will give you a better idea of what can be achieved.

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