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In simple terms, transplant means shifting of any object from one place to another so when it comes to hair transplant it is the simple shifting of hairs from one place to another ( one place from where you have an abundance of hair which might be the backside of the head or your body hairs to the area where you have already got baldness or thinning so this is called as hair transplant 

Shifting of roots or grafts from one place of your body to another place of your body

So hair transplant is which started in the USA in the 1980s now 

In India hair transplant was fully functional after 2005 there are multiple techniques which have been involved in all these years normally doctors choose 2 techniques for hair transplantation 1 is FUE and the second  FUT

Hair Transplant Looks Studio
Looks Studio Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

When I say about FuT it is (Follicular Unit Transplantation) where doctors remove 6 – 10 inch of skin stripe from the backside of your head and they keep it aside and they stitch the scalp and the piece of skin which taken out from that piece of skin the roots are extracted separately and those roots then implanted in the front area where this baldness this is called as FUT 

FUT called as Stripe Method or stipe surgery follicular unit 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

When we say about FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)  it is semi surgical technique where it does not involve any kind of cut or stitch or scar with help of a roto motor or with the help of needle doctors removes the graft one by one from the area where are excess graft and the same grafts are implanted in the front area where there is baldness

 so this is done in multiple sessions or 1 session as per the requirements of the clients

What is Hair Transplant Method?

Risk and Cost Of Hair Transplant Treatment

Firstly talking about risk hair transplant is a semi surgical treatment that comes under the cosmetic section.

So this is not a life-saving treatment that has to be compulsory done by the client 

A Hair Transplant is like a desire for people who want to get back their hair look, so ideally speaking there is minimal or no risk involved in the transplant process.

The risk might be the use of anaesthesia which we do so that there is no pain during the procedure.

If the anaesthesia is used in excess then the bodyweight or as per the standard of the medical council might be risk involved in transplantation apart from that the minimal risk which is involved is swelling of the forehead after transplant which is very common and generic because of the use of anaesthesia again, little pain which is very bearable little dizziness and headache for the first week and apart from these there is no other major risk involved for hair transplant.

The cost of treatment depends on a lot of factors 

Firstly experience of doctors 

What technique they are using 

How much graft or what is the area of transplant has to be done.

Generally cost starts from any good clinic where the transplant results are exceptional, cost would start easily somewhere around 40,000 – 50,000 rupees. In India and go up to 2, 58000 – 300000 lakh rupees.

There are clinics where will you provide very lower cost but they obviously will not give you quality results and as per suggestions what we provide to all our clients

We provide all our client’s hair transplants as a 1-time procedure if the donor area utilise and the results are not good to utilize and the result is not good you will not able to achieve desired results again in your lifetime so the cost should be last factor client should consider before going for 

The quality of the doctor and review of clients who are already done Hair Transplant and experience is the main factor to be considered before choosing where to get your transplant done 

The cost as suggested is vary from as per your requirements from 40k-50k starting and goes up to 2.5-3 lakh rupees 

This is the standard costing of the clinic where your results would be as you desire.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Who are ideal candidates who can go for a Hair Transplant

Any candidate who has severe baldness or thinning issues in front can go for a hair transplant provided there medically fit to go they do not have any concerns like sugar or BP diabetes basically because 

If You have diabetes BP your bleeding time is higher which will create a little bit of risk and the clinic like looks a studio hair transplant we do not take any cases who have Diabetes or Bp

Secondly, any buddy who is above the age of 24  and below the age of 65 is the ideal client for transplantation and if the supply and demand of graft match that is if your requirement for transplant is 3500 grafts and you have a good donor area where the supply can be done so ideally, you become an ideal candidate for transplant 

If somebody has requirements of more than 6000  grafts to be transplanted and the supply is not adequate so hair transplant is not suggestable or partial transplantation can be done in this case.

So these are the client who is ideal candidates for hair transplant 

Best Age for Hair Transplant

What Happens During Hair Transplant

As a client, you normally choose your ideal date according to your convenience when you want a transplant done and on that particular day.

Before coming to the transplant you have to get an MD Medical fitness certificate so that you are fit to go for a transplant and on the day of the transplant when you arrive at the clinic normally a briefing would be done between the doctor and the patient to understand what is the desired look what is the hairline has to be marked and everything soon after that a consent form is given to the clinic to fill and sign the payment for the procedure is done and once the payment and signing are done the client is taken inside the Operating room where trimming of hair done.

Once the hairs are trimmed completely the doctors start the treatment with extraction with the help of local anaesthesia so that there is no pain during the procedure.

The roots or grafts are been extracted from the donor area which is the backside of the head

Normally In one session the average number of grafts is 1500-2500 grafts would take around 3 to 3 and half hours and after this, a lunch break is provided to the client

Once the lunch break is done the implementation of those grafts are done in the area where baldness is there and during this whole time, the grafts which are extracted from the body are kept under a Petri dish segregated between 1, 2 and 3 hair follicle and kept under graft cooling machine at looks studio so that the damage of the graft is negligible and once the implantation is done the hairline is done initially with single unit grafts and later 2,3and 4 unit graft are implemented to make sure the density is desired so once the transplant session is completely done doctor will guide or explain the patient about post-procedure guidance and how to take care and what medicines are to be used post-procedure which is 5 days antibiotic courses and SOS medicines in case of pain and soon after that the client is relieved to go his home.

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What are the post-procedure things which have to be taken care of by a client?

So once a successful transplant is executed by a senior/qualified doctor, after that, a 5days antibiotic course is given and along with that a list of actions is given where the client has to take care of those implanted hairs for the next 10-12 days. 

This list normally includes

not taking the head bath,

not doing any activity which would create sweat, 

no swimming, 

no jogging, 

no powerlifting, 

or not going into direct sunlight without wearing a cap and 

not doing any activity which would again create sweat so that the roots are intact in the first 10 days. 

After the completion of 10days, the client is again called to the clinic for a follow-up and clot removal. During the clot removal, our senior technician makes sure the clots are removed completely and that is also called a success day because the client whose transplant is done can see the roots where the new hairs have started growing there. So these are the basic precautions which have to be taken care by the client post the procedure.

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