Cost Of Hair Transplant In India-Guide From Looks Studio

The cost of a hair transplant covers a lifetime investment which people do to restore hair and confidence. It is the price tag to achieve a natural hair look with the use of the latest technique used by our highly qualified surgeons.

The hair transplant cost in India is calculated in multiple different ways in different clinics. Some clinics do it based on the number of grafts required (1 Graft = 3 to 4 hairs), some calculations based on the number of sessions required, some calculations based on the number of follicles required. There are many other factors taken into consideration while calculating the hair transplant price in India.

Level of baldness: The cost of hair transplants is affected primarily by the severity and level of baldness. For instance, the cost of a hair transplant will be less for someone with only minor baldness when compared to someone with severe baldness issues. This is primarily because the number of sittings and grafts is higher for those with severe baldness issues.

Surgeon expertise and qualifications: Hair transplantation procedures are complex and sophisticated surgical procedures and require a lot of skills and expertise. Therefore, it is always recommended to select a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon even though it may cost you some more money. This is simply because hair transplants are one-time procedures and the overall cost spread over a decade or more would be self-justifying.

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The number of sessions required: Usually, most hair transplant surgeries are performed by surgeons in a single session that lasts approximately 4-6 hours. In some cases where the patient has a large baldness level, the surgeon may perform the hair transplant surgery in multiple sessions as more grafting would be required.

Location of the clinic: The cost of treatment varies in different cities of India according to the availability of qualified surgeons, medications, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Patients may notice that the cost of hair restoration procedures may vary from clinic to clinic, and from city to city.

Reputation and success rate of the clinic: The reputation and success rates of hair restoration clinics play a big role in the overall hair restoration cost. Reputed and popular clinics often have some of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons with them who have performed more than thousands of successful hair transplants. These premium clinics may charge a little extra as they have to keep delivering exceptional customer experience.

Looks Studio Hair Transplant
Looks Studio Hair Transplant

Infrastructure facilities: One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while opting for a hair transplant in India is the level of infrastructure at the hair restoration clinic. Clinics that are well-equipped with the latest tools, equipment, technologies, sanitized environment, and can handle multiple patients at a time might charge slightly more than a not-so-popular and successful clinic.

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So to conclude there is no concrete or uniform answer for the cost of a hair transplant, but it varies from INR 25k to 100K for the same level of baldness based on the quality of the end results the clinic delivers. We always suggest getting your treatment at the best clinic as it is a one-time process and if the transplant procedure goes bad, then the Donor area and a number of grafts transplanted are wasted and cannot be utilized again.

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