Hair Fall and Baldness have always been a major concern for both men and women as it directly impacts their looks and their confidence. For men, the Hair fall problem starts as soon as 18 years of age and it impacts daily life in many ways, hence they start looking for a solution. There are multiple solutions to fight Hairfall and baldness problems, but the most effective and permanent solution is hair transplant.

In simplest of words, Hair Transplant means, moving the hair roots from one position of the head, where there is an abundance of hairs to another position where there is a scarcity of hairs. Hair transplant is always the best option to cover your baldness naturally and the below-mentioned points support and justify the claim

a)      Natural – Unlike Hair Wig, Hair weaving and Hair systems, which are all artificial and not permanent solutions. Hair Transplant is a natural solution for baldness and gives you natural and satisfactory results.

b)     Long term – If you are looking for a long-term solution and do not want to be bothered by regular maintenance and visits to the Salon, a hair transplant is the thing for you, it gives you a long-term solution and requires zero maintenance.

c)      Economical – Good quality of Hair wigs and systems costs equal to Transplant, Sub-standard quality hair products are available in the market at the price as low as  INR 5000, But good quality Wigs and hair systems, which helps you improve your look will easily cost you around INR 60,000 TO INR 1,00,000 but requires additional monthly cost for maintenance and also lasts only up to a year (12 months), so you are spending the same cost every year to buy a new wig/system just to maintain the look, But Transplant is a one-time affair and no additional costs required for maintenance and results lasts for a lifetime.

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So considering all these points, a Transplant is always a better option if you are facing thinning or baldness problems, as it lasts long, is natural, and is more economical than all the other variants combined.

But if you are a person who is afraid of visiting a Doctor and does not want to consult a specialist Doctor for your Hair problem and trusts your local Salon guy over a Doctor, a Transplant will surely look like a bad option for you. But we would like to assure you, with time, the Hair transplant technology is evolved so much, We have our trademarked Hair transplant technique where the results of the transplant look very natural and we provide 25 years warranty on the procedure and as the complete treatment is done under the effect of Local Anaesthesia, there is minimal or almost No pain which you face during or post your Transplant procedure.

So we would advise you to consult a good doctor once before deciding on your hair problem. At Looks Studio, we provide a Free Hair Transplant Expert Consultation at our 8 Center spread across India and 1 Center in Nepal. So that you can take a uniform decision.

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