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What results from hair transplants appear strange :

In reality, the results of a hair transplant surgery appear very natural. A skilled surgeon can determine the position and direction of the hair to create a natural appearance.

FUT can be a superior method to FUE

The fact is that any qualified and educated surgeon that has the technology available in their hospital or clinic is not a fan of one particular method. Each approach is individual to the patient and is determined by the requirements of the patient. Sometimes, a combination or combination of both is employed to get the best outcomes over the long term.

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FUE is superior to FUT

This is the most commonly held belief among the general population. FUE-promoting centres have made FUT appear an incision procedure, and FUE is portrayed as non-invasive, but it’s nothing like how it seems. In reality, hair follicles get eliminated from the donor site during the FUE procedure, which means that no hair will regenerate. This leaves the donor region barren and not of any need for future implants in the event of need. However, FUT takes out a small skin area on your scalp, where Follicles are removed and harvested. They are also preserved to be used in future implant procedures. As techniques are developed like Trichophytic Closure scar left after FUT is hard to see regardless of whether the hair has been removed in the future, as opposed to with FUE in which the donor site would be prominent when hair grafts are excessively harvested. In most cases, hair grows back regardless of the scar, and, if required, additional hair follicles may be gathered in the same donor region later on.

FUT is not appropriate for women

In this case, it’s the reverse as FUT doesn’t need shaving the head and can be a better option for women because the Follicle donor retrieval procedure becomes inaccessible. Since hair length has to be maintained in women, this procedure is more costly than in males, with prices ranging from 50-150 INR ( Calculate Price ) for each unit. Therefore, it’s an ideal alternative to FUE, and women can resume normal activities like going out or getting to know people without noticeably significant changes sooner than other procedures.

FUT is a Pricey (Expensive) Procedure-

Compared to the developments in FUT and its increase in cost across the world, however, it’s not an expensive procedure in India as the cost of hair transplants in Looks Studio ranges from 25 to 120 INR for a follicle.

It is possible to notice an immediate change following the Transplant.

This is not true, and if it was the case, the entire process could appear too fake and obvious. Similar to any other procedure, there is a time frame for the hair to develop. If you plan to get a beautiful strand of hair to wear for a momentous occasion, like your wedding, you should consider having hair transplants for at minimum six months in advance of it is time to feel the effects of it.

It is only possible to have FUT done once in a lifetime.

As mentioned earlier, the FUT procedure can be repeated three times as it does not create patchy areas without hair follicles. Can save Follicles from the same strip if the extraction rate is satisfactory, and they could remove the same spot later once hair has grown back in the area.

Hair Transplant surgery can be very painful:

The fact is that a hair transplant procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic. The patient can return home the same day as the procedure and resume their daily activities the following day.

Transplanting hair will provide you with quick results.

The truth: The results of a hair transplant procedure will be visible after 6-8 months. To fill your head of hair will take 9 to 12-months. (see case study here)

Large grafts can produce more density.

Fact: the density of hair is determined by the number of grafts transplanted. It does not depend depending on the size or the hair graft. The larger grafts can cause hair that is not natural-looking.

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Hair transplantation doesn’t work for women:

Truth: Hair transplantation is effective in treating males and females. However, the hair loss in women differs from that of males, and the quantity of donor’s hair is less and is thinner, as are other parts of the scalp for women.

One should not wash hair following hair transplant surgery:

The truth is that hair wash does not interfere with the growth of hair that has been grafted. It is essential to ensure that the area is free of any infections.

Hair loss myths are commonplace. 

The following list of myths is factual:

Hair is falling out because you’ve been washing it too often or because you’ve dyed it or have had a perm.

Dandruff can cause permanent hair loss among women.

Stress can cause permanent hair loss for women.

If you trim your head, your hair will likely grow two times as dense.

If you sit over your head, you’ll boost circulation, which stimulates growing hair.

If you can brush your hair with 100 strokes per day, it will make your hair stronger.

The use of wigs and hats causes hair loss in women.

Hair loss is only affecting intellectual women.

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