Hair Transplant In Chennai

Chennai is always considered the medical hub of our country with top hospitals and clinics
positioned in all segments. Several clinic chains have started establishing their clinics in Chennai
adding major competition in the hair transplant segment. Hair Transplant In Chennai clients looking for hair transplants are extremely wise and knowledgeable and understand the technicalities of hair
transplant procedures performed and their possible outcomes.

Hair Transplant In Chennai
Hair Transplant In Chennai

Fear of Hair Transplant

The unfortunate accidental death of a medical student in Chennai after post hair transplant has caused a tremendous amount of fear in everybody’s mind regarding the safety measures of the procedures carried on by several clinics.

Due to Chennai’s hot and humid weather conditions, many clients fly out to post their procedures for at least 10 days until the scabs dry up on the scalp. So there are positive sides and a few negative
sides as well as hair transplant procedures are done in Chennai.

The Chennai clients have also always craved innovations in methodologies and the way hair transplants are done hence we’re also looking for better procedure deliveries.

Bio-Integrated FUE

Bio-Integrated FUE launch by Looks studio at very affordable pricing has taken the Chennai market by storm and clients have started feeling the relief of shyness.

Looks Studio Hair Transplant Chennai

Simultaneous implant methods with ice cell graft preservation techniques are not practised in Chennai yet and are available only at Looks studio Adyar.

Looks Studio Chennai provides treatments exclusively for Hair and specializes in Bio Integrated FUE TM Treatments. Looks Studio, Chennai, is located in the heart of the city close to major IT parks and can be reached easily from anywhere in the city. It is managed by doctors with a wealth of experience.
One can schedule an appointment with the consultant or maybe walk to know about the innovative
method of Bio-Integrated FUE.

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