Hair transplant lifespan: From Balding to Beautiful

Hair transplant lifespan: A hair transplant is a common solution for hair loss, but many people wonder how long the results will last. The lifespan of a hair transplant can vary, but with proper care and maintenance, a successful transplant can provide natural-looking hair growth for several years or even decades.

Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle is comprised of basically 5 stages,

  • Anagen phase
  • Catagen phase
  • Telogen phase
  • Exogen phase
  • Ketogenic phase

In the hair transplant lifespan, the hair starts growing permanently, moves to the transition mode after a couple of years, and then sheds off in the Telogen phase. When hair sheds off due to DHT influence and doesn’t grow back, it’s called as Exogen phase. The regrowth cycle in the graft in normal cases is called as Kenogen phase.

Bio Integrated FUE- Latest Technology

In the latest generation hair transplant Bio-Integrated FUE the healthy grafts are been extracted by roto motor micro punches and preserved in the ice cell method post-separation. Post that immediate direct
implanting method starts without any delays through the special implanting needles giving,
proper depth, direction and optimum density. Since the grafts are handled and preserved in the
ice cell method the grafts last on the scalp for more than 20 years and Look Studio performing
the Bio-Integrated FUE method provides 25 years of warranty certificate. As soon as your doctor
completes your hair transplant, you will be able to see the outline of your new and improved
hairline. Hair should start to grow quickly after your transplant.

How long does a hair transplant last?
How long does a hair transplant last?

Hair Transplant Results Time

One frustration many clients encounter is hair shedding and loss after the initial growth. Once
this first batch of transplanted hair falls out, it should grow back in a permanent capacity. Hair
should look healthy and normal.
Most people report significant changes in hair growth after about half a year. The complete
results of the procedure are almost always visible fully after one year. Bio-Integrated FUE
modern hair transplants are safe, natural, and permanent.

Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant

Clients are considered ideal if they have enough healthy hair growing somewhere on their heads
that doctors can transfer follicles to the affected area. You will also need to have the ability to
grow hair on the site you’ve selected. This means heavily scarred scalp might not be eligible for
an effective transplant. There are no disadvantages to this method and completely safe to perform
on all types of scalps. It is worth undergoing this method and has an optimum success ratio of 98%
performed on more than 200000 plus clients which were successful.

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How Long Does a Hair Transplant Procedure Last? Understand in detail
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