One of the most asked questions and the key reason why clients have reservations before getting a hair transplant is the assumption that it is going to be painful. An expert doctor will always guide you through the entire transplant process during the pre-treatment consultation and give you a brief on what to expect.

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Irrespective of the technique used whether Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Although you might feel a little discomfort when local anaesthesia is administered to the scalp, for the most part, the procedure is entirely painless. The advantage of local anaesthesia is that it will drastically reduce the discomfort and also does not carry any potential risks of general anaesthesia and the client is conscious during the entire process.

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In terms of pain associated with the treatment, it is better to go for the FUE technique. The recovery time and the pain during and after the treatment are much lesser in FUE compared to FUT. Generally, doctors recommend a recovery period of 7-14 days and advice on taking care of the scalp area to avoid damage to the newly implanted grafts. Although you can get into your daily routine from the next day, clients will experience tenderness and redness of the scalp. The doctor will provide necessary guidelines as well as medications along with painkillers to avoid infection and postoperative swelling.

Based on the reviews of clients who have done hair transplants, we can definitely conclude that hair transplants are a painless process. For most patients, the little discomfort during the process is very small compared to the faster recovery time and the amazing results to get the natural-looking hairline and best results.

At Looks Studio, our primary focus is to provide you with the most natural-looking results using our trademarked Bio-integrated FUE technique with the least discomfort possible. Over the years we have successfully treated 20000+ clients and are ranked as one of the best hair transplant clinics in India with lots of positive reviews and 4.7+ ratings on all social media platforms. You can read our online reviews where our clients have shared their experience during the process and understand the pain level during the process and the amazing results that they have achieved. So if your only concern for booking a hair transplant was the painful procedure, do not worry and contact us for a free consultation today!

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