Dermal Fillers vs. Botox: Uses, Difference, and More

Dermal fillers are the only holistic solution to plump up and reshape facial structures. Dermal fillers are very popular these days. They are a kind of cosmetic treatment undergone by people who want to enhance their aesthetics. These fillers are injected into the skin. If you are one of those persons who are offended by unwanted wrinkles and lines every time you look yourself into the mirror, dermal fillers are going to bring you the best of smiles! It helps eliminate face wrinkles, contour the face, and create volume. It rejuvenates the skin deep within and makes it look fresh and young.

Dermal fillers help you boost the Hydraulic acid supply in your skin by injecting it artificially. It creates volume in the skin and revitalizes it instantly, which helps eradicate unwanted lines and wrinkles, giving your face a natural, softer look.

Dermal fillers come in the form of a soft injectable gel that is tissue-friendly. If you are an animal-friendly reader, you would be happy to know that it is non-animal too! It has a long-lasting effect, but sorry to say, not permanent.

 Dermal fillers work best for the most affected areas like:

  • Lips (helps to make it look big and define the shape)
  • The skin between the eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Mouth lines
Dermal Fillers vs. Botox
Dermal Fillers vs. Botox

How are Dermal Fillers different from Botox?

Many people confuse Fillers with Botox, injectable drugs to tone down lines and wrinkles. Botox works on the mechanism of freezing muscles to get the desired results. Instead, dermal fillers are injectable gels. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved both procedures for smooth lines and a wrinkle-free look.

Options to choose from:

Our Looks Studio Aesthetic Physicians & Surgeons explains that many dermal fillers are available in the market. Still, to get the most natural-looking results, you may require to sync amongst different fillers as per the area. Say, for example, filling out cheeks would require additional filler from the time needed to heal the nose line. Generally, Juvederm & Restylane are the best options for Dermal fillers and Botox & Dysport are the best options for Toxin injections.

Botox is an injectable toxin called a neurotoxin, that can be used to soften wrinkles and lines. Botox is a form of botulinum toxin that comes from a kind of bacteria. While the toxin can make you sick when injected in large amounts, it can be a powerful tool when injected in small amounts. Botox works by blocking nerve signals in the muscle where it is injected. This prevents the muscle from moving and causes wrinkles and lines to appear. Wrinkles can be softened or even removed with Botox. Your doctor or practitioner might use Botox to smooth wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, or even around the mouth.

Botox has been used for decades and is very safe to use. It was first approved for use by the FDA in 1989 and is now used for wrinkles and can also treat migraines, hyperhidrosis, and many other conditions.

You will find a few other brands of injectable neurotoxins that can be used to help smooth wrinkles. Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin are also used to freeze muscles and smooth wrinkles. However, Botox & Dysport are the best-known and most-used brands in all our Looks Studio premises. Botox and Dysport injectable neurotoxins can last up to 6 months.

Injectable dermal fillers are products used to fill in tissue where volume has been lost. Fillers are commonly used on the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth. Plumping up these areas gives a more youthful look by smoothing lines and adding volume. Dermal or soft tissue fillers are often used to smooth out lines on the face. Fillers are an effective treatment for:

  • Adding volume and shape to lips
  • Smoothing glabella lines between the brows
  • Filling out nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth

Our Looks Studio Aesthetic Physicians & Surgeons might also suggest using fillers to smooth scars, lessen the look of forehead wrinkles, or add volume in other areas.

Some of the most popular soft tissue fillers used in the Looks Studio include Juvederm and Restylane. These products use a naturally-occurring chemical called Hyaluronic Acid to add youthful fullness to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is found in fluids and tissues already in the body and is a common ingredient in skin care products. A gel form of the chemical is injected into the skin to add volume. We at Looks Studio use Juvederm and Restylane as dermal fillers which are mostly preferred by clients.

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