Celebrity hair transplant scams

Celebrity hair transplant scams have surfaced in the hair transplant world for quite some
time wherein some celebrity clinics claim to have performed hair transplants on the same
celebrity and sometimes right for the claim unethically putting up pictures in the clinic with some
doctors. Guess we are not in the consumer world where we don’t understand that the celebrity
endorsing a brand or claiming to have used products or services is not true. It’s the black
world of marketing to misguide normal aspirants of hair transplants who actually need it.

Celebrity hair transplant scams
Celebrity hair transplant scams

Can we check with those celebrities on whom some brands are claiming to have done hair
transplants? no as multiple brands sometimes claim on the same individual. Hence
rather than falling into these kinds of scams and shelling out lakhs and lakhs of rupees, we
should concentrate more on technicalities and the abilities of the surgeon, brand values and
cost-effectiveness. Recently the 5th generation hair transplant Bio-integrated FUE where Depth,
Direction, Density, Sustainability, and Optimum graft survival ice cell technique of preservation is
more to be understood of rather than following celebrity hair transplant trends. Grafts
structures and results of every individual are different; belief in your own grafts and the
medical innovation and the surgeon who will perform your case.
We all are celebrities of our own life’s transform yourself with the latest generation Bio-integrated FUE
method, its guaranteed optimum medical innovation.

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