How to Take Care of Transplanted Hairs

Transplanting hairs has become a common and effective solution for people dealing with hair loss or thinning. With advancements in technology and medical expertise, hair transplant procedures have become safer and more reliable than ever before. When performed by an experienced surgeon, the risk associated with hair transplantation is minimal.

Hair transplant techniques, such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), involve taking hair follicles from the donor area and grafting them onto the recipient area. These procedures are meticulously carried out, ensuring minimal damage to the existing hair follicles and providing a high success rate.

Why Care Is Important of Transplanted Hairs ?

Taking care of your hair after the transplant is crucial as it directly impacts the results of the procedure. The initial days and weeks following the hair transplant are vital for the grafts to survive and thrive. Proper care ensures that the transplanted hairs grow healthily and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Steps to Take Care of Transplanted Hairs

1) Use a pillow in an inclined position

When you undergo a hair transplant, it is normal to experience some swelling after the procedure. To help reduce swelling, it is recommended to use a pillow in an inclined position for the first three days when you sleep. This position helps to promote blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of fluids in the transplanted area. It is important to note that this swelling is temporary and will subside with time and not to be worried about.

2) Do not allow the transplanted area to dry

Keeping the transplanted area moisturized is crucial for the healing process. Dryness can lead to scabbing, which may affect the growth of the transplanted hairs. It is recommended to gently spray the transplanted area with a saline solution or a prescribed moisturizing spray provided by your surgeon for the first 10 days. Avoid touching or scratching the area to prevent any damage or infection.

3) Avoid swimming, jogging and gym workouts.

Engaging in activities that produce sweat can increase the risk of infection and damage to the transplanted hairs. It is advisable to avoid swimming, jogging, and intense gym workouts for the first few weeks after the hair transplant. Sweat can provide a favourable environment for bacteria to thrive, leading to infections that can affect the overall results of the hair transplant.

4) Protect the transplanted area from direct sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight can be harmful to the transplanted area, especially during the initial healing phase. Sunburns, excessive heat, and UV radiation can damage the delicate transplanted hairs and affect their growth. It is important to protect the area by wearing a loose-fitting cap or a hat that provides shade. The client should even avoid wearing Helmets, so ideally this means, that the client should avoid travelling via 2 Wheeler. This will help minimize any potential damage and ensure a successful Hair transplantation.

5) Avoid taking head baths for first 10 days

During the first two weeks after the hair transplant, it is essential to avoid any activity that may disturb the transplanted hairs. This includes taking head baths or scratching the area. Wetting the transplanted area can lead to the dislodgment of grafts, while scratching can introduce bacteria and cause infections. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to clean the scalp during this period to ensure proper healing and hair growth.


Taking care of transplanted hairs is a vital part of achieving 100% great and natural-looking results. By following the recommended steps and guidelines, you can ensure proper healing, minimize the risk of complications, and promote optimal hair growth. At Looks Studio we are committed to guiding our clients post Hair transplant, regardless of whether they taken our services or not. Our objective is to help everyone achieve their desired results and maintain the health of their transplanted hairs.

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