Tackling hair loss for the men in Mumbai

22 April 2017

Hair Transplant in Mumbai


Male pattern baldness, also termed Androgenetic alopecia which now affects around 40% of the male population in the age group of 20 to 35, worldwide. And this rate is increasing by the day. In Mumbai especially, the men are in the age bracket of 20 to 35 are the ones having a hard time with their hair. Hence the dairies of trichologists in the city are filled with appointments for people in the same age bracket for Hair Transplant in Mumbai.   


Hair loss used to be an age related problem in the past. It also used to affect men largely. Today however the equations with the past have changed. Hair loss in men is no longer an age related hassle. Young men are balding and it has started affecting the confidence level of men while facing the outer world. Most interestingly, women too are falling prey to Male pattern baldness. Is it really only stress related? Well not really. It is also lifestyle and deficiency related. How many of the men and women in the mentioned age bracket do not have a high stress, high flying job? Most are already working too much and don’t really care about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Having said that it is probably the want of time in their lives that makes them overlook hair loss as a cosmetic problem which would be taken care of, by itself. This is where a perfectly controllable situation goes out of hand. Once sever, hair loss can be reversed only via hair Transplant. This is majorly the precise reason why Hair Transplant in Mumbai is becoming so urgent.


Hair transplant in itself an invasive procedure and the most practiced method for the same is called the FUE (follicular Unit transplant) method, which is minimally invasive. This technique is based on flawless extraction of hair follicles from the donor area, which is then transplanted on to the recipient area. The donor area consists of the area at back of the head and the side burns. Hair transplant as a technique for reviving the lost hair is a successful treatment for men.


Hair, at the top of the head in men has a follicle at the root which is susceptible to attacks by DHT, a male testosterone hormone. DHT destroys the hair follicle which leads to severe hair loss. The FUE procedure begins with the doctor marking off the area where the transplanted hair follicles would be implanted. Once this is done, the head is shaved and a local anesthesia injected. The doctor then drills into the scalp at the back of the head or looks for follicles from the side burns, to extract as many follicles as would be required. Referred to as harvesting, this process is the most critical. These follicles are then carefully transported to the team responsible for cleaning and getting the follicles ready for the transplant. Once the follicles are ready to be implanted, the doctor either makes quick small holes with the drill or tiny incisions on the area where the hair would be transplanted. Once done, the doctor and his team quickly and efficiently start inserting the follicles onto the recipient site or the part of the head where the transplant is needed. Since FUE procedures do not require hospitalization, if post Op instructions are followed to the T, the transplant will have a higher chance of success which would see the lost hair grow back in six months


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