Diagnosis & Treatment

Being a professional singer and facing the cameras requires a good amount of confidence, and the face plays a pivotal role for the same. When Pankaj first came to Looks Studio, he had no idea how a Beard Transplant will work and whether he will get the desired look or not.

However, after meeting the doctor and talking with previous patients, he was fully satisfied and was looking forward to getting the procedure done as soon as possible.


Patient Choudhary

After just 1 session of the procedure, his confidence was like never seen before and as per him, the ease with which the procedure was performed was unimaginable. He even sang a few songs and had a very interactive session with the staff during the process of Transplant.

After 5 months, his entire personality has changed with the confidence of sporting a beard and he never holds back in singing praises of Looks Studio to all his near and dear ones.

During Treatment