Diagnosis & Treatment

Losing hair at an early age is not uncommon these days, but not doing anything about it may lead you to a situation whereby the term ‘Bald’ starts getting associated with you and that’s just what happened with Aakash.

When he first came to Looks Studio in June 2017, he couldn’t believe how at an early age, his Male Pattern Baldness was now classified into the most severe form. However, after getting total assurance from the doctor, he went away for his Hair Transplant Procedure.


Patient Aakash

A total of 5000 grafts were done over 3 sessions, with much emphasis on the Hair Density.

The results after 7 months were just ‘surprising’ in his words considering the severity of the baldness. The first thing he does now every morning is look in the mirror and sigh. That sigh is from a sense of relief owing to the procedure that has redeemed him from all the years he struggled with hair loss.

During Treatment