Diagnosis & Treatment

Before visiting Looks Studio, Umesh had already done a vast amount of research on different Hair Transplant techniques, surgeons, results, complications and risks. He had also attended previous consultations, so he was well aware of what was and wasn’t possible and knew what to expect from a Hair Transplant.

After meeting our doctor at Vashi studio, he was very well convinced to go ahead with the procedure. However, owing to some financial restraints, doing 3500 grafts at that particular time was not possible for him. So, after a detailed discussion with the doctor, he went ahead with 2600 grafts to be done in the front area, and 3 PRP sessions to work on the thinning crown portion.


Patient Umesh

Our doctors took great care to ensure that Umesh achieved a natural hairline that matched his age; ignoring this is often what causes Hair Transplants to look fake and unnatural, which Umesh definitely didn’t want.

Now, a year on from his procedure, Umesh is sporting a new hairline and a new haircut too!

During Treatment