Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Throw your hair woes away With an ever increasing mobile urban population, which thrives on cutthroat competition and stressed out lives, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. The scenario that unravels is that of people from their early twenties to 60s are equally merged in the rat race, as conscious of their looks to be presentable as hard pressed for time while flying and travelling for work. One of the most tangibly visible effects of this lifestyle is hair loss. Though considered a cosmetic hassle, the consequential physiological aftermath can be massive. Imagine a 23 years old aspiring and ambitious corporate executive balding each day? This is not a rare case in Bangalore due to which Hair Transplant in Bangalore is on the rise.

Trichologist in the city use two methods of Hair Transplant in Bangalore. However one of the most preferred methods is the called Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a minimally invasive method and uses that a technique which allows the one getting a transplant to go home the same day. The FUE method is based on the fact that the hair at the top of the head and the front of the head are always prone to balding as these hair at the root has a follicle, that gets attacked by a sex hormone called DHT. However the hair at the back of head and the side burn are not prone to such attacks and hence they don’t fall off.

With state of the art facilities, Hair Transplant in Bangalore is safe. The procedure begins with marking out the bald patch that needs to be filled. Once done a local anesthesia makes the scalp numb and the doctor starts plucking the hair to be transplanted carefully saving the root. These are given to the team which prepares it for the transplant. The doctor then makes quick incisions to transplant the hair. Together with the team the extracted follicles are quickly planted into the incisions and the procedure gets over in about 2 hours maximum.

If the suggested post op steps are followed, in 6 months a new healthy turf of hair can be seen sprouting. All that is needed for a successful Hair Transplant in Bangalore is to reach out to clinics skilled at the procedures.

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