"I’d always wanted to have a full beard but by the time I was 21, I knew no more was going to grow in.” These were the words when Akshay first met our Specialist Doctor at Pune Studio. While he always had bit of hair on his chin and moustache, his cheeks were patchy so he could never grow a beard properly.

He wanted a permanent solution at young age and saw an advert on the internet when he was surfing one day for beard transplants. That’s when he came across Looks Studio and planned to make an initial visit.

After an initial consultation with our expert doctor, it was decided that a 2 day session will required to cover the deficient facial hair.

The procedure went away smoothly and Akshay totally enjoyed his time during the procedure with our experienced team of doctors and staff.

His next visit was scheduled 12 days after transplant to remove the post treatment scabs , and that’s when he was absolutely amazed how his total look and confidence has been changed. In a matter of just 12 days, his life was changed forever !!