Umesh Thorat

  • Grafts:2600
  • Grade of Baldness:4

Befor visiting Looks Studio ,Umesh had already done a vast amount of research on different Hair Transplant techniques, surgeons, results, complications and risks meaning......

Pankaj Jain

  • Grafts:3000
  • Grade of Baldness:3

Pankaj’s story is a fairly common one. He woke up one morning around the age of early twenties and noticed a few hairs on his pillow......

Aakash Dubey

  • Grafts:5000
  • Grade of Baldness:6

Losing Hair at early age is not uncommon these days, but not doing anything about it may lead you to situation whereby......

Nayab Khan

  • Grafts:4000
  • Grade of Baldness:5&6

Mr. Nayab Khan first came to Looks Studio in July 2016, having already done Hair Transplant from a local clinic and was extremely disappointed......

Pankaj Jagtap

  • PRP Treatment
  • Grade of Baldness:3(Thinning)

Mr. Pankaj Jagtap , visited Looks Studio in November 2017 . He had first experienced Hair loss in his early Twenties, but now age of 29 yrs......


  • Grafts:3400
  • Grade of Baldness:3

Nagesh came to Looks Studio in November 2016, with two major issues. Baldness in the front and crown area and severe ongoing hair loss......

Pankaj Choudhary

  • Grafts:2000

Being a professional Singer and facing the cameras requires a good amount of Confidence, and your Face plays the most Pivotal role for the same......

Sohail Khan

  • Grafts:4600
  • Grade of Baldness:6

Every journey starts with the first step. And even for Sohail, that first step was when he picked up the phone and made an appointment.......

Sagar Kothawde

  • Grafts:2650
  • Grade of Baldness:4

Sagar first visited Looks Studio In August 2017. Over the next month, he kept visiting multiple doctors and clinics for his Hair Transplant.......

Bharat Thakor

  • Grafts:2299
  • Grade of Baldness:3

Bharat’s first visit to Looks Studio came in August 2017 and his one and only concern was to get hair in the frontal area of the scalp. He had already........

Akshay Paval

  • Grafts:3000
  • Beard Transplant

"I'd always wanted to have a full beard but by the time I was 21, I knew no more was going to grow in." These were the words when Akshay first.........