Hair Transplant in Pune

Hair transplant is a scientific solution to a problem which is not just cosmetic but also has a deep psychological impact on the one who suffers from the problem of hair loss. This is especially true in the case of the younger generation for which being presentable, physically acceptable and looking good is vital. This is a uniform feeling across the genders. However one of the rising problems faced increasingly by the men in the age bracket of 25 to 35 in Pune, is that of severe hair loss. Leading trichologists state that when the conditions become irreversible for the hair to re-grow, Hair Transplant in Pune remains the only way out for them.

Hair Transplant in Pune is offered by reputed clinics run by experienced trichologists with state of art equipments, latest techniques and efficient teams. The procedure for a hair transplant can be surgically invasive or minimally invasive depending on the technique chosen. The minimally invasive technique is called the Bio Integrated FUETM and is the most preferred method for Hair Transplant in Pune.

This technique is based on flawless extraction of hair follicles from the donor area, which is then transplanted on to the recipient area. The donor area consists of the area at back of the head and the side burns. Hair transplant as a technique for reviving the lost hair is a successful treatment for men. However women have consistently shown a low rate of success on this. The reason is attributed to the genetics.

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