Hair Transplant In India

As of Jan 2017, according to a study, the demographic bracket of India is predominately young with about 50% of the population below 25 and 60% below 35. Unfortunately, trichologists in India also attribute maximum hair loss in this age group which makes Hair Transplant in India a much sought after skill.

Hair loss is no longer a mere cosmetic condition. It has become a reason for psychological breakdowns and depression in many young people. The fact is, in this era of looking good and smart, for the upwardly mobile young corporate crowd, hair loss leads to severe psychological strain which makes them increasingly lose confidence. Hair Transplant in India is therefore becoming the last resort for many youngsters today.

FUE hair transplant in India is practiced by reputed clinics with state of the art facilities. The procedure takes a maximum of two hours. To begin with, the area to receive the transplant is marked off to the satisfaction of the client. Once this is done, the patient is taken to the procedure room. They can watch a movie or listen to songs or read a book. The doctor begins the process by administering local anaesthesia. As it takes effect, the doctor quickly starts to pluck hair from the donor area, ensuring that the roots are plucked along. These strands of hair are then given to the team that is right next for cleaning and preparing the strand for transplant. Once sufficient donor hair is extracted, the doctor makes a quick incision on the recipient area for the transplant. Once done, the doctor and his team quickly and efficiently start inserting the follicles onto the recipient site or the part of the head where the transplant is needed. The process, on the whole, would take around a maximum of 4 hours, depending on the kind of transplanted hair density one is opting for.

Once the procedure is over and the patient feels well enough to go home, they can. However, they have to adhere to the post-op care and have to use the medicated shampoo and lotions as advised. After six months, a successfully performed Hair Transplant in India will spout a proud crowning glory.

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