Reverse your hair loss within a reasonable budget

Being the IT hub of the country, Bangalore has its own set of woes, faced especially by its male population. Owing to the IT corporate working environment, wrapped in AC cooling, which keeps most away from sunlight (a vital source of Vitamin), trichologists say is one of the principal reasons for hair loss. This is added on to by stress and conditions like the genetic male structure. All of these together form the basis for a distressing hair loss or a balding condition. For a typical case of hair loss termed “male pattern baldness” Trichologists recommend hair transplantation. Hair transplant cost in Bangalore for the same differs, from techniques to technique, along with the number of grafts needed for the transplant.

The need for hair transplant and the required number of grafts to be done depends on the condition for which the procedure is being advised. These could be for cosmetic or medical condition. Since the cost of transplant is primarily dependant on the number of grafts one requires, the cost would likewise vary. However for a clearer understanding of the cost, hair transplant cost in Bangalore for a Bio Integrated FUETM treatment, would cost a minimum of 50 grand to a maximum of 1 lakh or more.

Today, young men in their 20s are balding. Trichchologists bracket the age a group that suffers most from hair loss at 25 to 35 years. For youngsters looking good matters. It is not just about their looks, it is also about acceptability and confidence. Hair loss and the subsequent balding can psychologically scar people. They become diffident, withdraw into their shells and find it hard to face the world. A way to tackle the problem would be to take a serious relook at our lifestyle. Some of the reasons attributed towards hair loss are iron deficiency, stress, irregular diets, hormonal changes and related diseases like thyroid and diabetes. However when hair loss has already reached the balding stage, hair transplant remains the only way out. Earlier the diagnosis, faster would be the treatment and hence lesser would be the hair transplant cost in Bangalore.

Hair transplantation as treatment not only salvages your looks but also changes your life. Compared to the investments made the returns are manifold. After a successful hair transplant you find yourself back. The process maybe a little tense, not knowing if you would like what you see, but trust your doctors to do a good job. Hair transplantation costs in Bangalore are quite competitive. If you have a problem, do let us help. Touch base with us for any query that you might have @Consult our expert surgeons at LooksStudio