Proven shot at reviving your lost hair : Hair Transplant

Studies show that in India today, people in their 20s are balding. For youngsters especially in a city like Pune, which is teeming with their peers, balding not only becomes embarrassing but also affects them psychologically. They become diffident, withdraw into their shells and find it hard to face the fact that they have a serious hair problem. Most of the times, hair transplant remains the only solution. The next obvious question that follows is what is the hair transplant cost in Pune?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure. The process involves surgical equipments, a procedure that goes on for about 4 to 8 hours, medications and post-op care. Given the fact that everyone who needs a hair transplant would require a different number of grafts, hair transplant costs in Pune would likewise vary. For an understanding, the average cost would vary in between a minimum of 50 K and can go upto I lakh plus. The costing for Bio Integrated FUETM is done graft wise.

With more and more youngsters lining up for hair transplants, the age group of balding men in Pune is at a frightening 25 to 35 years. This is a serious red flag, not only for cosmetic reasons but also because it hints at an unhealthy lifestyle. It is therefore advisable that we take a serious relook at our lifestyle. Interestingly it is the male gender which is the victim in case of hair loss, dominantly. Endocrinologists opine that as of today most of these men are from the IT sector. They all suffer from Male Pattern Baldness. The reasons attributed to this are lack of iron deficiency, sunlight, stress, irregular diets, hormonal changes and related diseases like thyroid and diabetes. The solution for irreversible hair loss lies in hair transplant. The hair transplant costs in Pune are competitive. The most favored method for the same is Bio Integrated FUETM.

Hair transplantation as a treatment does not just revive your hair. For those who opt for a hair transplant, the outcome is life changing. For the amount they invest, the returns are manifold. You come into a hair transplant clinic, depressed and completely diffident. You go through the process and follow the post op instructions to the T. At the end of six months, you are a different person altogether. You hair back on your head and your confidence is back in your stride. Hair transplantation costs in Pune might make you spend some precious bills, but what you get out of that lasts you a long long time.

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