Proven shot at reviving your lost hair : Hair Transplant

“Mumbai” never sleeps is the famous quote. That might be one of the reasons for the elevated stress level of the city. With this, come the inevitable symptoms of an imbalanced lifestyle. Hair loss is a prominent aftermath attribute to the same. Unfortunately when hair loss occurs in the twenties, most men get diagnosed for Male pattern baldness – a severe hair loss condition, accentuated by hormones dysfunction. In these cases, the hair fails to re-grown on its own. This is when Trichologists advise hair transplant a minimally invasive procedure. At this point of time hair transplantation cost in Mumbai becomes the point of contention for most.

There have been cases where people have discontinued treatments due to misconceptions about the price or inadequate information. Hair transplantation cost in Mumbai will vary, depending on the kind transplant one opts for and the number of grafts that one would need. For a Bio Integrated FUETM treatment, the minimum cost would be around 50 grand, which can go upto 1 lakh or more depending on the number of grafts one would needs or opt for. Given the fact that everyone’s needs a hair transplant would require a different number of grafts, hair transplant costs in Mumbai would likewise vary. The costing for FUE is done graft wise.

Today, people in their 20s are balding especially men. For youngsters, especially in metros like Mumbai where people need to put their best foot forward all the time, hair loss and the subsequent balding can psychologically scar people. They become diffident, withdraw into their shells and find it hard to face the world. Mumbai shows concentration of youngsters in the age group of 25 to 35 years with severe hair loss problems. This is scary not only for cosmetic reasons but also because it hints at an unhealthy lifestyle. A serious relook at our lifestyle has now become a must. Other reasons attributed towards hair loss are iron deficiency, lack of sunlight, stress, irregular diets, hormonal changes and related diseases like thyroid and diabetes.

Hair transplantation as a treatment does not just revive your hair. The outcome often proves life changing. For the amount you invest, the returns are manifold. You come into a hair transplant clinic, depressed and completely diffident. You go through the process and follow the post op instructions to the T. At the end of six months, you are a different person altogether. You hair back on your head and your confidence is back in your stride. Hair transplantation costs in Mumbai might make you spend some precious bills, but what you get out of that lasts you a long long time.