Spend only the worth to beat hair loss

Hair transplant is the need of the hour for those who have had severe hair loss. When the condition becomes irreversible with medication, Hair Transplant remains the only option. Hair transplant cost in India varies according to the transplant technique opted for and the number of grafts needed. Hair transplant cost in India would therefore vary in between 50 k to 1 lakh plus if one opts for the Bio Integrated FUETM.

In India, hair loss in men is usually diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness. This condition leads to a M shaped hair loss which is irreversible unless opted for a hair transplant. The most favored method is the Bio Integrated FUETM technique, which is a 4 to 8 hours procedure depending on the density of the transplants or the number of grafts we are looking at. FUE is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Hair transplant on women however has not proved very successful. The reason is attributed to the genetic makeup of hair which is different for both the genders. The hair at the top of a man’s head is receptive to DHT, a male hormone testosterone that kills hair follicle. However, the hair at the sideburns and the back are DHT resistant. Hence during a transplant the hair from these donor sites are harvested and implanted onto the balding patches. The results of the procedure vary from person to person. Post the transplant, though hair starts growing naturally in 3 to 4 months, it takes around six months for the hair growth to reach its optimum.

Hair transplant cost in India may vary minimally from one location to another. For instance a transplant in Mumbai might be a higher as compared to a city like Pune. However the difference is negligible as everyone in the Indian hair transplant domain tries to maintain global standards.

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