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Hair Transplantation is Bangalore is a booming business today. On a hindsight, 15 years back the scenario was not quite the same. So what has happened to make hair loss such a major issue that Hair transplantation has now become a need? Blame it on the ever mobile urban lifestyle which become s sole reason or accentuates an already genetic makeup to speed up the loss.

Hair Transplant in Bangalore is almost a savior service now for the upwardly young urban population. A visit to the hair transplant clinics reveal a state of art set up with experts counseling mostly men, in the age bracket of 20 to late 30. So are the men exclusive to this kind of hair loss? Statistics reveal that they are. The Male Pattern baldness is a predominantly a balding issue that males suffer from. The reason is the genetic makeup of a male. The hair at the top of the head and the front of the head are always prone to balding as this hair at the root has a follicle that gets attacked by a sex hormone called DHT. However the hair at the back of head and the side burn are not prone to such attacks and hence they donate fall off.

Hair Transplant in Bangalore is done not just for the head but also for facial hair and eyebrows when needed. However hair transplantation in particular is not very successful on women. Reason? Genetics again. Though a small number of women also suffer from male pattern baldness, transplant ration on women has often failed. Unlike men women do not have a defined area for donor hair (in men these are the hair at the back of the head and the side burns). Hence it is difficult to harvest donor hair as well as transplant the donated.

One of the most successful procedures of Hair Transplant in Bangalore is Bio Integrated FUETM. It begins with marking out the bald patch that needs to be filled. Later a local anesthesia is administered to make the scalp numb. The doctor then starts plucking the hair to be transplanted carefully saving the root. These are given to the team which prepares it for the transplant. The doctor then makes quick incisions to transplant the hair. Together with the team the extracted follicles are quickly planted into the incisions and the procedure gets over in about 2 hours maximum.

For the people of the city, Hair Transplant in Bangalore seems to be the solution for overcoming a real concern as of now.

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