Best Hair Transplant in India

  • 23/02/2018

As of Jan 2017, according to a study, the demographic bracket of India is predominately young with about 50% of the population below 25 and 60% below 35. Unfortunately, trichologists in India also attribute maximum hair loss in this age group which makes Hair Transplant in India a much sought after _

Hair Transplant in Bangalore at LooksStudio

  • 23/02/2018

Hair Transplantation is Bangalore is a booming business today. On a hindsight, 15 years back the scenario was not quite the same. So what has happened to make hair loss such a major issue that Hair transplantation has now become a need? Blame it on the ever mobile urban_

Reverse the nightmare of hair

  • 23/02/2018

Fast life, money minting craze, ambitions at the peak and no time to relax is the life of Mumbai summed up in a few words. The aftermath of this is life style imbalance and disorder which accounts for a number of stress related disorders. For men and women one of the most difficult challenges today _

Give your “turf” a chance!!

  • 23/02/2018

Hair transplant is a scientific solution to a problem which is not just cosmetic but also has a deep psychological impact on the one who suffers from the problem of hair loss. This is especially true in the case of the younger generation for which being presentable, phy_

Best Hair Transplant in Bangalore

  • 21/03/2018

Throw your hair woes away

With an ever increasing mobile urban population, which thrives on cutthroat competition and stressed out lives, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. The scenario that unravels is that of people from their early twenties to 60s are equally _