Hair Transplant in Pune

Pune attracts hundreds of youngsters every year for academics and for work. The corporate sector here is also brimming with high flying executives. The crowd here is young and hence looking good is probably a top priority for most. However with the stress of academics, peer pressure, and a constant juggle, people do suffer from many lifestyle ailments. One of the leading worries is that of hair loss, especially in men. Studies suggest that the minimal age limit for hair loss is now 15. It is therefore no surprise that a lot of these young people in Pune are looking for permanent remedies for hair loss. One of the most suggested solutions is hair transplant in Pune.

A shiny and healthy crowning glory is a matter of pride for everyone. It has since ages been one of the vital parameters of judging a person's looks and personality. However with hair loss becoming a concern for people across ages, help is of urgent need. As more and more people, especially the youngsters, vie for hair transplant in Pune, it is necessary to understand that it is a procedure and the results may vary from person to person.

Balding or severe hair fall does not occur overnight. There would be tale tell signs that we often overlook. For instance we tend to ignore losing more than a normal bunch of hair, or the regular, excessive shedding while combing or the breaking of hair frequently. The good news is that in case of hair loss, post a diagnosis, the situation can still be salvaged. Hair transplant, as a remedy, gives the disheartened a new ray of hope. Pune offers a bouquet of facilities like consultations, treatments and hair transplantation options. The city also has expert Endocrinologists, who can successfully revive lost hair for people of all ages.

Hair transplantation as a remedy has evolved after intense research and proven treatments, clubbed with advanced technology. The aim of the procedure is not only to curb and reverse hair fall but also to promote re-growth. Such treatments in Pune have yielded many successful stories.

A day long procedure, Hair transplant is minimally invasive. Apt for male pattern baldness, hair transplant on women has not proved very successful. The reason is attributed to the genetic makeup of hair which is different for both the genders. The hair at the top of a man's head is receptive to DHT, a male hormone testosterone that kills hair follicle. However, the hair at the sideburns and the back are DHT resistant. Hence during a transplant the hair from these donor sites are harvested and implanted onto the balding patches. The results of the procedure vary from person to person. Post the transplant, though hair starts growing naturally in 3 to 4 months, it takes around six months for the hair growth to reach its optimum.

Hair transplantation is a scientific solution to a problem which ripples down to psychological consequences like diffidence, depression etc. It is therefore important to learn to read the signs of hair loss early on and get help as soon as possible.

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