Hair Transplant in Mumbai

In the city of glamour and the land of Bollywood, looks matter, a great deal. Mumbai is the epicenter of India's glamour, trade, elite and the most ambitious. Being presentable is perhaps the unspoken rule. Yet the city makes people climb the ladder of extreme stress and competition. In this rat race you never realize when stress plays the spoil sport and starts playing havoc with your hair. With hair loss problem on the rise and balding becoming a serious problem especially for men, they are lining up for hair transplant in Mumbai.

Trichologists in India state that men are more prone to hair loss and the eventual baldness, as their hair follicles' are receptive to a hormone termed DHT which attack the hair follicles leading to hair loss. The baldness in men is referred to as male pattern baldness. Women are usually not prone to this kind of hair loss. Most of the victims of this are the men in the age bracket of 25 to 35. Hair transplantation in Mumbai is what is keeping these men going as they do not have to bother with going elsewhere for transplant since the city offers excellent treatments.

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive, 4 to 8 hour long procedure. There are different ways of transplanting, one of them being surgically invasive. However Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is the most preferred as technique for people who opt for hair transplant in Mumbai. A Hair transplant FUE procedure begins with the doctor outlining the area on the scalp where the transplanted follicles would be implanted. Then the head the shaved and a local anesthesia injected. The doctor then drills into the scalp at the back of the head or looks for follicles from the side burns, to extract as many follicles as would be required. Referred to as harvesting, this process is the most critical. These follicles are then carefully transported to the team responsible for cleaning and getting the follicles ready for the transplant. Once the follicles are ready to be implanted, the doctor either makes quick small holes with the drill or tiny incisions on the area where the hair would be transplanted. Once done, the doctor and his team quickly and efficiently start inserting the follicles onto the recipient site or the part of the head where the transplant is needed. Since FUE procedures do not require hospitalization, if post Op institutions are followed to the T, the transplant will have a higher chance of success which would see the lost hair grow back in six months.

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