Hair Transplant in India

Hair, often referred to as the crowning glory, is an important and vital aspect of one's physical appearance. It not only makes a person look presentable but also enhances ones personality. Yet most of us struggle with hair problems, almost every day. When a bad hair day can be so torturous, how intense would be the worry when one starts loosing hair by a bunch every day? A few years back, this could have been age related but the scenario is not the same anymore. Today, Hair transplant in India has increasingly become the savior of the moment as more and more people become the victim of hair loss. Their last hope is now pinned on a successful hair transplant.

Studies show that Indian youngsters as young as 15 are losing hair. Most of it is a diffused kind of hair loss, which can be revived after medication and care. However the cases become severe for the people from the age group of 25 till 35. This hair loss is more in men and is called the Male pattern baldness. Caused by a hormone called the DHT, the aftermath of this is almost irreversible unless a hair transplant is opted for.

Hair transplant is a minimally surgical procedure, which means that post op you can go home. There are some invasive methods too. However Follicular Unit Transfer or the FUE is the most favored of all the procedures. Hair Transplant in India with FUE, is a procedure that goes on from around 4 to 8 hours, depending on the number and the area of the grafts that we are looking at.

The procedure of hair transplantation involves extraction of naturally occurring follicular units from the donor area and implanting them onto the recipient area. The doctor defines this area with a marker before beginning the procedure. There two steady donor sites in men: the back of the head and the side burns. Donor hair follicles are connective tissues that are found around the root of hair. For a successful hair transplant, flawless extraction of these follicles is a must. They are generally in a group of two to four.

The procedure begins with the doctor drilling into the scalp to extract as many follicles as would be required. Referred to as harvesting, this process is the most critical. These follicles are then carefully transported to the team responsible for cleaning and getting the follicles ready for the transplant. Once the follicles are ready to be implanted, the doctor either makes quick small holes with the drill or tiny incisions on the area where the hair would be transplanted. Once done, the doctor and his team quickly and efficiently start inserting the follicles onto the recipient site or the part of the head where the transplant is needed. Since FUE procedures do not require hospitalization, if post Op institutions are followed to the T, the transplant will have a higher chance of success which would see the lost hair grow back in six months.

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