Nagesh came to Looks Studio in November 2016, with two major issues. Baldness in the front and crown area and severe ongoing hair loss and thinning in the middle portion of scalp. So , the challenge here was not just to recover the Bald zones through the Transplant, but also to control the severe hair loss and build up the thin portions of the scalp.

Doctor had recommended 3000 grafts for the Transplant along with 6 prp sessions to be taken over a course of a year to stop hair loss and treat the Thin portions. Nagesh was initially Skeptical with the idea of PRP sessions as he was not aware much about the procedure but after getting the assurance from the doctor he was convinced and went ahead with the entire procedure.

When Nagesh returned after 7 months, not just he was sporting a new Hairline but the ongoing Hair loss had totally stopped and the Thinnig area had too grown sufficiently with PRP as seen very well in the Final Pictures.