Mr. Nayab Khan first came to Looks Studio in July 2016, having already done Hair Transplant from a local clinic and was extremely disappointed with the results what he had achieved. He previously underwent Transplant with 3000 grafts in a single session over a year back. His main concern now was whether doing another Transplant is possible or not and will the outcome this time be to his expectations.

After a thorough discussion with the doctors, he was advised to undergo another Transplant with 4000 grafts as the donor area was still healthy enough , but this time it will be done over 3 sessions to make the procedure much more comfortable and to harvest as much grafts as possible.

After completing these 3 sessions over a period of 2 months, he was fairly convinced that this time he is under the right hands, and his this thinking was fully justified after 7 months when he returned back from Middle – East with a totally new look and confidence about himself.