Bharat’s first visit to Looks Studio came in August 2017 and his one and only concern was to get hair in the frontal area of the scalp. He had already tried a variety of different treatment options , However the hair gain was never satisfactory and even if there was a little amount of hair gain, it was temporary and did shed off after stopping the medications. Tired of the temporary treatments he came to a conclusion that Hair Transplant was the only permanent solution to his problem.

After an initial discussion with the doctor it was decided that a total of 220 grafts will be required to restore his hairline, to be done in a single session.

When the big day arrived, Bharat was very much looking forward for the procedure without any concern or doubts about what he was going to achieve .

And his this Confidence on Looks Studio was totally justified when He came back after 8 months with an all together different Looks, Personality and Confidence about himself and Yes A New Hair Line as well !!

His long standing Problem was finally Solved !!