Best Hair Transplant in India

The fact that Indian men are today facing a severe hair loss problem is evident from the number of youth that visits trichologists in almost all the cities, that have a flourishing population. Trichologists in India unanimously admit that the majority of people who suffer from hair loss or related problems are men and in the age bracket of 25 to 35 years. This implies that hair loss has now transcended beyond the traditional age related element. Trichologists blame genetics and ailments like thyroid and diabetes as the leading cause. However the most prominent cause seems to be the prevalent lifestyle. Hair loss as a nuisance is affecting the men especially in the IT sector. The reason is lack of exposure to Sun which leads to Vitamin D deficiency. Some of the hair loss problems do get reversed with medication but most do not. That is when one has to look for the existing best Hair transplant in India for diagnosis and treatment which can restore their hair back.

The best hair transplant in India is not just about a great facility. It is of course about the latest medical practices and equipments but more than that it is about the service and the skill that leads to a high success rate. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, but it does not necessarily have to be invasive. It is also good to know that hair transplant is not limited to hair fall. It is meant for restoration of facial hair loss in beards, moustache, side burns and eyebrows also.

One of the most preferred hair transplant procedure in India is the Follicular Unit Extraction also referred to as FUE. This is the least invasive of all the procedures for hair transplant with proven success rates. Facilities offering the best hair transplant in India offer FUE due to the obvious advantages this procedure has over the other invasive methods. The process involves extraction of hair follicles from the donor area with a small drill and implanting the same into the recipient area. The donor areas are the back of men's head and the side burns. In severe cases where the follicles from these areas are insufficient, body hair follicles from the chest and the back are used for the procedure.

The FUE hair transplant begins with the doctors marking off the recipient area. The person undergoing the transplant can see the area that is being marked off. Once they area has been defined, a local anesthesia is administered on to the scalp. The doctor then begins drilling in for the follicles delicately so as not to destroy the tissues being extracted. Once they extraction is done, another team immediately gets the follicles ready for the transplant. The recipient area receives small incisions or small holes are drilled in to implant the follicles. The procedure takes 4 to8 hours depending on the number of grafts that need to be implanted. FUE does not require hospitalization and but needs strict post-op care for the transplant to be successful. A six month long wait is all it needs to get the mane back to where it was .

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